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Rebecca Winkler

Reading romance all night. Time to rest.
Indie Romance Author

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Book One

SOPHIE Lost and Found 

Love ~ Lust ~ Greed ~ Jealousy ~ Murder

Once Upon a Contemporary Time….the beginning of the England family dynasty was written.

Book One SOPHIE Lost and Found introduces a profound love story between Jamie and Sophie, with spiritual overtones of Sophie’s ability to have strong intuitions. Their profound love for each other begins with instant sensual and strong sexual attraction between them. Personal sacrifices are made. Overwhelming fears are conquered. The nature of promises is of a Happily Ever After.

Can they keep those promises?

Read the stunning conclusion...Book Two


SOPHIE Coming Home

Love ~ Lust ~ Greed ~ Jealousy ~ Kidnapping

Marital bliss isn't guaranteed...

After a life-threatening close call with vengeful forces from their pasts, Sophie and Jamie England are focusing again on their promising future together with their children and friends on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Sophie travels to London for a business trip. She only planned to be gone a couple of days. Her intuition warns her of impending doom when she arrives at the airport in Naples for her flight, but the message is unclear. The plane crashes at the Heathrow airport in London, killing almost everyone on board.

Sophie’s body isn’t in the hospital with the few survivors, and it isn’t in the makeshift morgue in hangar three at Heathrow. What remains of the other victims is beyond recognition. Jamie is effectively a widower until DNA testing can prove otherwise. In the meantime, he has to keep it together enough to raise his surviving children while mourning his wife and their unborn baby.

Sophie is still alive, but is lost in a coma with severe head injuries. A tragic twist of fate takes her outside the plane crash victim’s news story, and she is taken to a different hospital. Once she wakes, something deep inside pulls her toward Italy. Names without faces swirl through her mind—names she writes in her journal, but not much else. All she knows is she must leave London. Is the beautiful Amalfi Coast where her destiny lies, or is she fated to wander forever, never knowing who she is or what she's lost?

...and some grudges never die.

A maniacal mastermind, bound in his prison cell, is scheming to get vengeance once and for all against the one man on earth he hates the most, Jamie England. He's manipulating his sister and her son to accomplish his plan. In Sophie Coming Home, The Englands duet reaches a stunning conclusion, testing the bonds between husband and wife, mother and son, and sister and brother.

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SOPHIE Lost and Found SOPHIE Coming Home
My Story

My passions are writing, reading, music of all kinds, and laughing. My favorite all-time cheat is pizza. I enjoy music that makes my heart flutter or raises goosebumps on my arms. I am an introvert, a romantic, a Capricorn, sensitive, intuitive, curious and always learning something new.

I write story-driven romance/mystery and suspense novels that include steamy sensual scenes. In 2017, my first novels were published: THE ENGLANDS a duology, Book One: Sophie Lost and Found and

Book Two: Sophie Coming Home. After that was Winter Garden. I am working on a collection of poetry to be published under Musings and Writings - Original Midnight Diaries. Click on the Menu and take a peek at a few to be included.

My new book, Olivia's Cottage will be out in 2023. 


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My Books
Winter Garden[13894] ebook cover.jpg

THE ENGLANDS Book One SOPHIE Lost and Found



Musings and Writings

Original Midnight Diaries

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 Musings and Writings


My Books

THE ENGLANDS Book One: SOPHIE Lost and Found

The Englands is a brilliantly written masterpiece! It's the perfect storm of sensuality and intimacy with the Grover's madness providing the perfect contrast. I love how you went back to the kidnapping and with the finale taking place on the boat; it added a real Cape Fearish-type quality to the story. This is easily a five star story and if there is any justice in the world, this should be a blockbuster movie one day. Please do the world a big favor and keep writing!!!!!!!! 



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