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From the author of two Readers' Favorite

5 star awards

THE ENGANDS Book One: SOPHIE Lost and Found




Detective Jack Sledge used to have a life, although it's hard for him to remember back that far. After serving two tours in Afghanistan, and working ten years solving cold cases in Atlanta and Chicago, he's had enough of death and grieving. Jack heads to his hometown of Winter Garden, Florida to take a long-deserved respite. When ready to get back to work as a detective with the Winter Garden Police Department he finds his greatest challenge to be a personal one - Sarah.


A formidable detective in her own right. Sarah Strone is used to taking care of herself. She is emotionally vulnerable, yet a passionate siren when the guns come off. She's willing to take off more than her weapons when she comes face to faced with Jack. He's falling hard for the first time in his life and refuses to let Sarah slip through his fingers. Is her protective wall impenetrable? Can she trust enough to actually fall in love?

Winter Garden is a gripping story about testing the commitment love, loyalty, and trust between Jack and Sarah. Disguised as a married couple, they face the danger of working undercover to capture a serial killer who's now in their backyard--and women are still disappearing--women who look like Sarah.

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SOPHIE Lost and Found

Once Upon a Contemporary Time....

The beginning of the England family dynasty was written.

A profound love story with spiritual overtones, and sensual, sexual scenes between a married couple.

Personal sacrifices made ~ Overwhelming fears conquered The nature of promises was of a

Happily Ever After.

            Love ~ Lust ~ Murder ~ Jealousy ~ Greed

Sophie embarks on a journey to recover memories of the childhood she barely remembers, and to find her true home. But the dark secrets of both her family’s and Jamie’s won’t stay buried for long, The young couple find themselves racing against time to save their loved ones from the looming threats of greed and revenge.

 Sophie Lost and Found is a profound, sensual and sexual love story that captures the power of faith, sacrifice, and the promise of forever. Sophie won’t stop until she finds the answers, and along the way she discovers a vital lesson: Sometimes you have to lose everything before you can find yourself again.

Book Two
SOPHIE Coming Home


The stunning conclusion in the anticipated

Book Two



After a life-threatening close call with vengeful forces from their pasts, Sophie and Jamie England are refocusing on their future on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.


Just weeks after learning she's pregnant, Sophie travels to London on business. Her intuition triggers danger right before she enters the terminal in Naples. The plane crashes at the Heathrow airport, killing almost everyone on board.

Over the next five months, Jamie tries to survive life without Sophie, raising his eight children. But Sophie’s alive and trying to find out who she is. Is her faith in love, and herself, strong enough to get her there?


In Sophie Coming Home, The Englands series reaches a stunning conclusion, testing the bonds between husband and wife, mother and son, and sister and brother.

Supported by their dearest friends, they work together to protect their children and keep everyone right where they belong: home.


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Musings and Writings

A collection of short stories and poetry. Poetry styles are Haiku, rhyming, prose, and personal thoughts of the author.

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