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When your first series is over...what then?

The journey - from inspiration to completed independently published novels.

It's been amazing. A three year project, THE ENGLANDS duology, SOPHIE Lost and Found & SOPHIE Coming Home, are sitting proudly on my bookshelf at home.

What's next? Other story ideas flowed and manuscripts were started during the past three years. Anytime I needed to walk away from THE ENGLANDS to kick in my objective brain, which allowed me to kill my darlings, or when it had been sent to my editor, I'd pull out other stories from the to be finished drawer. At this time, there is a good possibility I'll have three books published next year.

When the writer inside me bloomed, I couldn't help but stop and take action. No aroma has been stronger, no fragrance more alluring than those blossoms. I've been blessed to have met many friends on social media networks willing to help and support a first time author. For them, I give thanks. To my muse, I give credit.

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