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Sarah Stone is a detective at NYPD and wants nothing more than to live up to her father’s reputation. But everything changes the night she makes one fatal mistake. Still reeling from witnessing a fellow officer murdered, Sarah resigns and allows fate to tell her where she will rebuild her life.

Detective Jack Sledge used to have a life, although it is hard for him to remember back that far. After serving two tours in Afghanistan, and a successful decade of solving cold cases in Atlanta and Chicago, he's had enough of death and grieving. Jack heads to his hometown of Winter Garden, Florida to take a long deserved respite.

Detective Trevor Adams, Jack’s best friend, persuades him to join the Winter Garden Police Department. Jack’s entire universe is altered when the enigmatic Sarah Stone walks into his office as his new partner.

A formidable detective in her own right, Sarah is use to taking care of herself. She is emotionally vulnerable, yet a passionate siren when the guns come off. She’s willing to take off more than her guns when she comes face to face with Jack. He is falling hard for the first time in his life and he refuses to let Sarah slip through his fingers, but will he succeed? Can she trust enough to actually fall in love? Is Sarah's protective wall impenetrable?

Winter Garden is a gripping story about testing commitment, love, loyalty, and trust between Jack and Sarah. Together, they face the danger of working undercover as a married couple to capture a serial killer who’s now in their backyard—and women are still disappearing—women who look like Sarah.

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